District Clerk - FAQs


What are the office hours of the District Clerk's office?
The District Clerk's office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree or other copies?
All copies are $1.00 per page. All certified copies are $1.00 per page. Copies of documents may be obtained upon payment of the appropriate fees either in person during regular office hours, or by writing or calling the District Clerk's office to obtain the purchase amount. Please include the case number and/or names of the parties to the case making inquire.

Do you have the forms to file a divorce?
No. The District clerk does not have the papers or forms necessary for the filing of a divorce or any other law suit or pleading.

Can you tell me how to file my own divorce?
We are not attorneys and are prohibited by law from giving any legal advice. We cannot give you instructions on filing your divorce or answer any questions on the accuracy of your papers or how to present your case to the judge. If you intend to represent yourself, without the assistance of an attorney, you must have the knowledge to prepare and file the proper pleadings and present your case to the court. We advise you to consult an attorney if you have any questions or are unsure as to what you need to do.

How do I file an answer when I have been served with a citation?
The District Clerk does not have a form for filing an answer and cannot assist you on how to file an answer. We cannot calculate your answer date for you. We are not attorneys and are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Consult an attorney for assistance.

How do I get a case set or get information on a court hearing?
To set your case for hearing or to appear on the uncontested docket or to check on a setting, you must call the court administrator of the appropriate court at one of the following phone numbers:

  • 30th District Court 940-766-8180
  • 78th District Court 940-766-8182
  • 89th District Court 940-766-8184
  • County Court at Law No. 1 940-766-8107
  • County Court at Law No. 2 940-766-8111

How can I find out if there is a civil or criminal suit on file in the District Clerk's office?
There is a $5.00 record search fee required for each name submitted to the clerk for a record search. This fee must be paid before a record search will be done.

FAQ’S about E-Filing

Do I need to file the State mandated Case Information Sheet as a lead document?
No, file it as an attachment to the petition or the application

How do I notify the Clerk that service is needed?
There are service sheets on the District Clerk’s website for e-filing, just send it as an attachment to your document

Will the Clerk ever charge a different amount on my credit card then what I sent in?
Yes, if the amount due changes based on it being filed in a District or County Court then the Clerk will charge the fee for that court. This amount will always be less than the original amount, the Clerk will never change the amount to a higher amount due

Do I file an exhibit as an attachment or a lead document?
If you want the exhibit to have a file mark on it, then file it as a lead document. If it is truly an exhibit that needs to be attached to a lead document, then file it with the lead document or as an attachment to the lead document

Do I need to send an order in a separate envelope?
Currently, for counties that are not integrated, the system will not accept an envelope until the entire envelope is completed. Therefore, if you are willing to wait for the Judge to review and sign your order before your file marked copy of the motion, etc. is returned (depending on the Court’s schedule this could take days or weeks) then file the motion and order in the same envelope If you want your motion returned immediately, once filed, then send your order in a separate envelope

If my document is rejected will it be filed with the original envelope date and time or the corrected envelope date and time?
The original envelope date and time will be used if the original envelope number is provided in the processing notes How do I file a motion that has a notice of hearing date, to be set and signed, within it: We do not read through your document the only way to notify us of this and to make sure that we forward it to the judge before file stamping is to add a note in your comments section stating that there is a needed signature or setting on page ___ please forward to the Judge’s Office before accepting. 

If I request service, how is the prepared service returned to me?
There are two different options for picking up service: you, someone from your office or a private process server may pick up your service from our office or you may send our office a self-addressed stamped envelope (large enough to hold the service) and we will mail it to you.

 How do I avoid paying $1.00 a page for copies needed for service?
You have the option to bring in a file stamped copy once it is returned to you through e-file or you may mail in a file stamped copy (please do not bring in unfiled copies, they cannot be used).

 How many copies are needed for service(these numbers are for serving 1 person, if serving multiple parties, times the number given by your number of people to be served)?
If requesting 1 citation: 1 copy of petition/motion… If requesting 1 citation and 1 notice: 2 copies of the petition/motion and 1 copy of the order setting hearing… if requesting 1 citation  and 1 temp restraining ord: 2 copies of petition/motion and 1 copy of TRO… If requesting 1 notice: 1 copy of the order setting hearing… If requesting 1 precept: 1 copy of petition/motion