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Wichita County Courthouse

Wichita County has an estimated population of 132,047, according to the 2013 U.S. census and is located on the Red River border with Oklahoma in Northwest Texas. Wichita Falls is the largest city, and is the county seat. Other cities with populations in Wichita County include: Burkburnett (10,933), Iowa Park (6,958), Electra (3,253), Kamay (642), and Pleasant Valley (450).

NOTICE: The Courts of Wichita County hereby designate the Wichita County Courthouse located at 900 7th Street, Wichita Falls, Texas, as the premises of the government court and offices utilized by the courts.


Wichita County History

Wichita County is in the extreme north central portion of the state, on the Oklahoma border. Wichita Falls, the largest city and county seat, is 144 miles northwest of Dallas and 141 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The center of Wichita County is at 34°00' north latitude and 98°42' west longitude. The county comprises 606 square miles, most of which lies in the eastern part of the Central Texas Rolling Red Plains. The extreme southeastern corner, however, is in the Central Texas Rolling Red Prairies. The Rolling Plains vegetation includes mid to tall grasses, mesquite and shinnery oak trees, and cottonwood, elm, hackberry, and pecan trees along the streams.

The county's terrain consists of rolling plains with rounded slopes and shallow, comparatively broad valleys. The elevation ranges from 900 to 1,200 feet above mean sea level. Wichita County is drained from southwest to northeast by the Red and the Wichita rivers. The northwest quarter of the county empties into the Red River... more